CODEX Wallbooks Frames

The CODEX frames are installed at eye level and will attract your gaze. The CODEX frames placed at eye level attract everyone's attention. Their characteristic indentations invite you to reach in and leaf through.

The CODEX frames are slightly inclined and fit perfectly around the CODEX books. CODEX frames are available as wall mounting and display versions with a desktop stand or with its own tower. The CODEX frame is available in natural beech oiled or lacquered in the colors silk matt white, silk matt dark gray or silk matt black. The lacquered frames are made of MDF (medium-density fiberboards).

  • The natural wood frame is made from beech wood

  • The lacquered frames are made of MDF (medium-density fiberboards)

    and are available in white, black and anthracite gray.

  • One frame, two mounting options:

    The desktop version (left) and the wall version (right)

The CODEX frames are manufactured in a local carpenter's workshop in Freiburg. Despite the design being simple and inconspicuous, the frame hides a well thought-out construction and elaborate manual work.

The natural wood frames are made from high quality beech wood. The miter cuts are set in a way that the joints become invisible after gluing. After the frame has been put together precisely the frame almost looks like it is made of one piece. The noticeable indentations on the right and left side of the frame invite you to reach in and allow the pages to be turned comfortably. Thanks to the slightly inclined wall mountings the CODEX book can be precisely placed and holded in the frame. The CODEX frame made of beech wood has an oiled surface. The lacquered CODEX frames are made of MDF and are lacquered in silk matt white, silk matt black or anthracite gray.