Publish on Codex

The greatest recognition for photography is publication

Online publication has become a fast-moving medium. A print publication, on the other hand, brings the picture into the real world of things. The printed photos convince in terms of brilliance, format and tangible quality. A publication on CODEX Wallbooks gives photography the framework for maximum attention.

From a quantity of 1

We develop, design and produce your individual CODEX Wallbooks as a one-off - from the very first batch. All we need is a selection of your favorite photos or content.

Design service

Our one-stop service enables a smooth development process. Our team will advise you on the selection of images, take care of the graphic implementation of the layout and accompany the production of the CODEX wallbooks in the printing and bookbinding department.

Production service

We accompany the production process of your CODEX Wallbook from the first concept to the publication.


CODEX Wallbooks Publishing uses the reach of videos and social media platforms to reach enthusiasts of print products. CODEX-Wallbook supports a number of top photographers and ambassadors from the extreme sports sector to help advertising new releases.

The CODEX Wallbooks Publishing

Our publishing house offers a platform for artists or photographers to publish their works on the CODEX Wallbooks format. For companies with a large stock of photo archives, lookbooks or yearbooks, CODEX Wallbooks could become a new concept of presentations in showrooms or conference rooms.

Our services

Our graphics team consists of 2D and 3D specialists. We can virtually design both the layout of the CODEX wallbooks and the interior design for the CODEX frames in order to simulate the outlooking of the books and the surroundings prior to production.