CODEX Wallbooks

CODEX Wallbooks are more than just a wall decoration - they invite their viewers to interact. They are living murals, stand far from the wall, are inclined towards the viewer, at eye level and within reach.

The CODEX Wallbook can be easily inserted into the associated frame. If you leaf through the CODEX books from time to time, you will always find new wall motifs. For even more variety, the books can be changed at will. The high-quality photo prints convince in their presentation through format, quality, color brilliance and durability.

  • Die CODEX Wallbooks setzen sich aus 3 Komponenten zusammen.

    Eine Besonderheit ist die präzise Handarbeit, die in jedem einzelnen Buch steckt.

  • Die Buchbindung

    CODEX Wallbooks sind handgebunden. Die Seiten aus 2mm starker Hartschaumplatte sind mit einer speziellen Technik gebunden, so dass jede Doppelseite 180° flach öffnet und auch offen bleibt. In den CODEX Rahmen eingesetzt können die CODEX Wallbooks einfach durchgeblättert werden oder wie ein Wandbild offen gelassen werden.

  • CODEX Wallbooks

    CODEX Wallbooks ist eine beim DPMA registrierte Marke. Die Funktionsweise der CODEX Wallbooks im Bezug auf die Bindung der Seiten, die Einpassung in den CODEX Rahmen und das Merkmal der Mobilität des Mediums sind zum Patent angemeldet.

  • Hochwertiger Bilderdruck

    Die Seiten aus 2mm starken Hartschaumplatten werden an einem High-End UV Inkjet Großformatdrucker bedruckt. Sämtliche der UV-härtenden Tinten sind VOC-frei. Sie haften auf sämtlichen Oberflächen wie Acryl, Alu-Verbundplatten, Holz, Polystyrol und Hartschaum (PVC). Die Farbbrillanz und die Haltbarkeit sind auf höchstem Niveau.

  • Features & Specifications

    Weight: frame – 2913 g | Book – 1013 g | In total – 3,926 kg

  • Delivery

    The Codex Wallbook and the CODEX frame are conveniently delivered to your home by post.

  • FAQ

    How do I create a CODEX Wallbook myself? We take care of the creation of your book, all we need is the photos you want.

    Can I order a single book? Yes, the CODEX Wallbooks are produced from a quantity of 1.

    Where is CODEX produced? CODEX is manufactured regionally. Bookbinding and frame production takes place in Freiburg, Germany.

    How do I create a CODEX Wallbook myself? We take care of the creation of your book, all we need is the photo material you want.

  • Assembly Instructions

The CODEX Wallbooks are produced locally in Freiburg. The special bookbinding is made by hand. no mass consumption

A codex (plural codes) is a bound stack of sheets of wood, wax, papyrus, or parchment. The earlier civilizations in Egypt and Greece used plates for inscription to archive historical documents. In Roman times, parchment and papyrus were used as materials for codes. Sheets of parchment and papyrus can now be written on with ink, sealed with wax, are more compact and therefore also better suited for transport.

The code is considered the early form of today's book. With the invention of letterpress printing and the industrial manufacture of paper, the code became a mere marginal phenomenon in the world of printed media. But the new, innovative CODEX Wallbooks convince with their special production. The 2mm thick rigid foam panels can be digitally printed, have brilliant color rendering, are weatherproof and can be wiped off. In combination with the associated frame, the Wallbooks can be placed anywhere - the frame can either be attached to the wall or set up as a table display.