CODEX Wallbooks Shelfs

The frames are placed at eye level and attract everyone's attention. They can be used individually and serve as an impressive platform for design and fashion lookbooks, company yearbooks and photobooks.

  • The CODEX Wallbooks frame consists of 3 components.

    A special feature is the precise manual work. Every single frame is handmade.

  • Due to the mounting wedge on the back of the frame, it is inclined towards the viewer.

    The special orientation creates a special feeling of space and supports the easy exchange of the CODEX Wallbooks.

  • The CODEX frame is handmade from high quality beech wood.

    The recessed grips give the frame its special shape and simplify the use and exchange of the associated CODEX Wallbooks.

  • The applied varnish protects the frame from external influences.

    It makes the frame shine and gives it its special finish

Would you like to know how a CODEX frame is produced? In the video you get an insight into the different production steps. A specialty of the production is the elaborate manual work, which is in every frame. True to the motto: mass consumption was yesterday.

Regional production takes place in the southern Black Forest in a small joinery in Freiburg, Germany. Only high-quality beech wood is used for the frames, which is first cut exactly. In this way, the elements of the frame can later be put together precisely.

The recessed notches on the right and left side of the frame allow you to flip through the book comfortably. Thanks to the suspension on the back of the frame, it can also be easily mounted on the wall. The frame is available in three color options: oiled beech, semi-gloss white or semi-gloss black lacquer.